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Orenburg Knitted Lace & Special Focus Surface Design & Russian Cooking

All classes or workshops are scheduled based on availability. Contact Skaska Designs for more information or to schedule a class or workshop.

Join us for Russian Cooking ClassesThere are over one hundred nationalities and languages in Russia, making it the most ethnically diverse ‘empire’ on earth.

Russia is divided into fifteen major republics, of which Russia proper is the largest and most populous, and subdivided even further into numerous autonomous entities.

The food enjoyed by these people is as disparate and unusual as the landscapes they live in and the languages they speak. In short, today’s Russia is the world’s last great uncharted culinary zone.

For this workshop, we have decided to focus our primary attention on a number of the most basic of foods that would ordinarily grace the average Russian’s table at mealtime.

We give careful consideration to the required ingredients to insure that they could be found locally, as well as, those foods requiring a minimum of prep time. Simple, basic, delicious....and distinctively Russian in character.

Each dish that we have selected comes with its own traditionally Russian story; not only will students in this class be introduced to classic, yet conventional Russian cooking, but to the cultural heritage that accompanies it.

If nothing else, we will dispel the prevailing myth that there is little more to Russian food than blini and borscht.

Broken Borders
It’s a knitter’s worst nightmare....a tear, a pulled thread, broken stitches; maybe your version of ‘the dog ate my homework’?...or those creepy, crawly pests! You’ve spent countless hours (not to mention money) on a favorite knitting doesn’t have to end this way. Galina will show you her tricks of the trade on how to ‘mend your ways’. ‘If you adore it....restore it’!

This workshop is 3 hours, requires no homework or materials fee. Please bring notetaking materials.

Dimensional Knitting
Would you like to give your knitting projects new life....add style, substance and texture? The addition of ‘spiders’, ‘bobbles’, ‘clover leafs’ and ‘mooshky(lily of the valley) will add a new ‘dimension’ to your knitting. Traditional they’re not...a real hoot to knit...most definitely.

This workshop is 3 hours, requires no homework or materials fee. Please bring sport/fingering weight yarn and suitable needles.

Knitted Lace
Elegant borders, sensational pattern motifs, intriguing knitting techniques and the fascinating women who make it all happen. Join Galina for an in-depth look at Orenburg knitted lace from both a technical and historical prospective.

This workshop will present a rare opportunity to see Galina’s stunning private knitted lace collection and engage in a lively discussion of the evolution of knitted lace. This workshop is 6 hours and requires no homework. Yarn and color charts will be provided. Please bring your favorite needles (0-3). Materials fee is $5.00.